How do we change our world to what we want it to be?

How do we move beyond all of this misery?

Members of Antebellum Apocalypse are welcome get together and create their own societies or packs. These can be any type and made for any purpose. They can be open to all or exclusive but they have to meet a few requirements.
Rankings: All packs or societies must have at least 1 leader rank. This can be any type of leader however (i.e. king, czar, dictator, president, ruler, etc.). They must also have a council of at least one person; again this can be any type, (Captain, advisor, secretary, vice president, etc.) Everyone else will be considered a member; there must be at least 7 members. There will be no doctor rankings. If anyone has medical training they are encouraged to spend time at the hospital (creatures) or clinic (humans).
Also: There must be at least 10 characters total in order to start a pack or society. 7 members+ 1 leader + 1 council rank= 9, so you’ll have at least one extra character to put in whichever of the three ranks you want. To avoid one person making a society with ten of their characters, a single person may only count 2 of their characters towards the required 10 to apply. This means you must have at least five different rpers.
Title: We are the…(example: Traditionalists, Anarchists, Loners)
Description: What does your pack/society stand for? What types of people are in it? Who should join? What does it do?
Base/Den: Where is your pack or society located? What is it like there? (Examples: Capital Building, Asylum)
Leader(s): What title(s) do your leader(s) have? (King, czar, dictator, president, etc.). How many do you have? What character(s) will serve as leader(s)?
Council: What is your council called? (Captain, advisor, secretary, vice president, etc.). How many do you have? What character(s) will serve as council?
Members: List the characters that will serve as members in the society or pack. Remember, characters will be taken out of their previous society/pack and placed into the new one.
*I reserve the right to deny an application. Please wait until you are accepted before assuming your new roles.
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