Cruxim's Leader...

Sanity is extremely pale, with one dark green eye and one bright white, with stitches going along her forehead, past her white eye. Her hair is a mixture of black, green, and white, messy in her dreadfalls. Always in her white outfit with buckles and straps, she wanders around with her eyes crazed and her mouth and nose covered in a white mask with a green tube coming down, making it harder to tell what exactly is going on in her mind. When she actually makes herself known to others around her, it's usually by the heavy footsteps of her white boots, or her soft laughter of mindless craziness. As a leader, she doesn't really care what her followers do too much, as long as they don't screw with her too much, or endanger her house that bad. She's crazy and ruthless when she wants to be, or calm and fun around the right people. When it comes to humans, she loves torturing and experimenting, finding the most creative ways to make them scream and die. Putting mood swings of other women to shame, no one ever knows what type of mood she'll be in. Sanity really has little to no Sanity.
Favorites: She loves sharp objects, hazardous chemicals, books, and music.

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