Cruxim's Advisor

Delirium very dark brown hair that is frizzled and messy. It’s teased as if she has a habit of putting her hands in it. She was sent to the Schadenfreude Asylum a year before the plague broke out and if she wasn’t already insane she certainly was after the madness the disease started in the locked wards. When her sister, already a creature, had finally gotten to where she was, Delirium was in the third stage of the disease. She wears a bandage around her left wrist, where her sister helped end her suffering and become a creature. Her face was in the process of decomposing when she died and although the process has stopped, it left her face dry, cracked and deathly pale. Delirium has a quiet insanity about her, which she usually hides under intelligence. However she gets over taken with it when it’s drawn out of her. She is not outwardly violent, however she does things out of curiosity with little thought to if someone will die because of it. Her attention span is amazingly short (at least when she wants it to be) so most of her experiments just needlessly kill people because she’s lost interest in the answer.
Favorites: She loves questions, has great reverence for Sanity, and likes to eat peppermints when she is in pain.

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