well, here it goes...

I really, honestly, have a ton of people to thank for this website. On a general note I first want to thank all the creators of the images I’m using, they are far lovely to be mine and I am honored to be able to showcase such beautiful art. I want to thank Emilie Autumn for her amazing new CD “Fight Like A Girl” because, although it has very little to do with the apocalypse, I have wound at least one quote from every song into the websites pages. (I even have the instrumentals—see the “Advertise” page.) It was so much fun working my favorite lines into the layouts in ways that made a great deal of sense.

Alex: Thank you so much for introducing me to rping with TR. I still get sad when I think about its closing. You were so patient with me all the times I started my own sites and begged you for help. I wouldn’t know HTML from a turkey sandwich if you hadn’t taught me and let me take your coding. This whole website was made with what you’ve given me over the years. You’ve always told me how much you love my websites and encouraged me to make them and fight through the slow starting period. You’re an amazing friend.

Nicci: My dear editor and insanely close friend, I would not have finished this website without you. Nicci wrote or edited every single bit of text on the website. You pushed me through the dreary this-thing-will-never-be-finished stages and, let’s face it; I only worked on it when we were chatting. You keep me 83% sane, which is better than I can do for myself. I owe you more than words can express in this little paragraph, but I hope you realize how much you mean to me and that this large project would never have even become an idea if it wasn’t for you.

Sally: You have someone made yourself at home in this wonderful motherly/big-sisterly/friend part of my life. You have always inspired me from the time we first started talking when I had my first piczo site, to the time when we happened to reconnect on TR and up until now. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a mother, I hope you know that.

TRians; old and recent: The reason TR was a home for so many years was its people. You are all a blast. I know people drifted in and out but there was a certain togetherness that was always there. I really hope you all find you way here so the community can start afresh.

Piczo: Let’s be honest, you only worked well 64% of the time. But still, you allowed for everything to come together. I was surprised to find out that you closed, but there’s nothing to be done about that now. Thank you though, you and websites similar to you, allowed a unique type of rp. There aren’t many host sites like that around anymore, but I hope that I can preserve the form of rp that was once so popular.

ExpressionWeb/Photoshop/Photobucket: You can’t create a website without proper tools. Thanks for being those for me.

To all who join, and all who I’ve missed: Thank you, whether you are an old friend or a new one, I am eager to see what becomes of this site. I hope a community can form, that it can flourish. I’ve worked hard on these pages, on these layouts. I think they are beautiful, I hope you do too. Please enjoy, and thank you for just being a part of my life.