The Traditionalists

     We are the Traditionalists. Though fractured and torn apart from its former glory, we remember that the land we hold tight to /is/ America, no matter what it has turned into. We continue to hold onto previous morals, including democracy. It's our best choice, and our greatest hope at keeping us united. Please join us to stand tall and hold our ground against the Plague. Every voice is worth being heard, just as everyone deserves to be part of a central government to improve survival. We need everyone strong and together if we're going to rebuild this country to, and beyond, its former greatness.
    Right now, we have a council of five, but we soon hope to be able to hold elections and choose a council member as President, as well as two other members to serve as Secretary of War and Secretary of State. We can't survive fractured. We need you too help us protect our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We need you to help fight for America.

The Anarchists

     Who needs government? Or at least, who needs the Traditionalists’ government? The apocalypse changed the world forever. This isn’t the time to bring back the past. This is the time to fight for survival. It’s every man and woman for themselves.

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