Common Rules:
1) Be active! You’re free to have as many characters as you can handle.
2) If you’re an ass, don’t expect people to respect you in return. Try not to be an ass though.
3) Sex and swearing is allowed, viewer discretion is advised.
4) Be realistic, there shouldn’t be tons of relationships between creatures and humans. They cannot have a child together.
5) A character may only be a part of one society/pack.
6) Have fun. Or else.

1) Absolutely no god-modding.
2) Always ask permission before seriously injuring or killing another’s character.
3) Again, be realistic, you aren’t all powerful. If you get stabbed you aren’t going to just jump up like nothing happened.
4) Give a hit, take a hit. Don’t post again until your opponent replies.
5) Creative deaths are always more fun. ^^
Share the love, please put a ‘<3’ at the end of your join form so that I know you’ve read and agree to follow the rules. Then wait patiently for me to accept you.