Stage One
~Common cold/flu symptoms; coughing, sneezing, sore throat, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, etc.
~Breathing becomes more difficult as blood starts seeping into the lungs, causing the coughing up of blood.
~Blood starts to seep into the stomach, causing the infected to throw up blood.

Stage Two
~Symptoms of stage one.
~Victim’s blood starts to thicken and clot, making the veins turn black and become visible from under the skin. This is extremely painful.
~The blood that is coughed up and/or vomited is black.
~Everything but raw meat is rejected and vomited back up.
~Slight agitation.

Stage Three
~Symptoms from stage one and two.
~Flesh starts to decompose, causing it to turn black and drop from the body. This is also incredibly painful.
~Very aggressive and violent, especially towards loud noises and being touched. The infected eventually start attacking anyone in sight.

Stage Four
~Death. Permanent deadness. Some serious suckage right there.