The Cruxim

    Are you looking for a pack that can give you the greatest time, the bloodiest kills? One that can offer access to tons of different ways to torture and slaughter humans, while at the same time allowing you to indulge in your most twisted fantasies of human experimentation? Join Cruxim! Sanity is the leader of all of this madness, with her sister and advisor, Delirium at her side; adding "innocence" to all of the chaos. There are plenty of laboratories and torture chambers within the asylum to perform any manner of murder that your little imagination could possibly come up with. We've got plenty of stakes and scaples here for you, and tons of people to share in your insanity and compare kills and test results. Who's got the best kill around? You think you can beat Sanity? Go on, give it a try, join the pack.

The Outcasts

     You don't need to be in a pack to kill. And what if killing isn't the answer? Besides, after living life in the shackles of government, what's the fun in rushing to a pack in death? Now is the time to live by a more personal set of rules. 

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