21 year old Allison has a mop of dark hair and deep brown eyes. She never has a care but she always has a cigarette in her fingers. She is a member of the council but not because she wants to be. Her mother was a dedicated member and when she was killed by a creature Sonny was promoted into her spot. Nevertheless she begrudgingly helps out the Society, but she always says that she'd rather jump off a cliff than be elected to a higher position. Mostly she just helps out because elections mean that the council will no longer be needed and she'll be left alone. In her spare time she searches the ruins for recreational drugs. Allison is careless with her life. Each day she goes out into the world and each night she drags back what pieces of her are left.
Favorites: Siouxie and the Banshees, Amanda Palmer, Bauhaus, Joy Division, cigarettes, vodka, the type of hangover where you can't hear yourself think because your head is pounding so loudly.

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