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When the apocalypse struck there was no war, no major battles, victories or losses. It snuck up on the world and within three months life on earth was lost in chaos. It’s been almost a year since The Plague claimed the first of its victims. The terrible creatures that it spawned swarm over cities, devouring anything unfortunate enough to get in their way.Human civilization has shattered and communications are lost. The lucky ones have found their way to The City--that is The Only City for miles that seems to still be under the control of those unafflicted—hoping for the day that they will be strong enough to fight back.
However The City’s population has become fractured by the emergence of a new sect of ‘Traditionalists’ who wish to rebuild the democratic republic that was the United States of America. They’ve shunned those who disagree, labeling them Anarchists. But this fragile society can not afford to be broken. A new pack of afflicted creatures is building strength in the lost sections of The City; and this pack is hell-bent on eradicating the human population.
Humans are really no different from you. Well, except for the fact that they've probably seen most of their friends and family turn into flesh eating monsters, and are constantly having to fight just to stay alive. Just like you, they have choices to make as well. Upon entering The City, humans have the choice of whether they want to join a society or take the title of Anarchist. If enough people get together with agreeable thoughts and viewpoints, they can apply to create their own society; which are stronger, and more reliable against the battle to survive against both the creatures and the dwindling numbers suffered by The Plague. Most are immune to it by now, but those who aren't, never last long.
When the plague has infected a human and they have died from anything other than the plague's natural progression, they become a creature. Being dead they can only truly be killed if their bodies are completely destroyed, otherwise they heal and/or re-grow limbs instead of staying down, coming back to life a few hours or days later. They do not age and thus can live a very long time. The creatures look like humans for the most part, though there are some with slightly decomposed flesh. One noticeable difference is that their teeth--their useless human teeth having fallen out-- have been replaced by sharp pointed teeth perfect for their carnivorous diet of decomposing flesh. They are also more agile than humans. However, being dead does have its drawbacks; they cannot get drunk or feel the effects of drugs.