An·te·bel·lum (adjective): Before the war, usually pertaining to the era before the civil war. Or at least it did before the apocalypse. Now it refers to present times as the human race struggles to survive amongst the terrible creatures that have swarmed over the world, so that they might one day have the chance to wage war and fight. Welcome to the New Antebellum Era.


8.13.13 There is a new page for the humans, the Cemetery page. Besides that I'd like to thank those who continue to rp here and remind you all that if you want more people around to rp, you should tell your rp friends to come join the site so theres more people! Advertise my pretties! Advertise!
6.30.13 A poster has been posted all over advertising the new eatery "Decay"! Creatures check it out and go to the grand opening!
Hey all, I just wanted to say the Subway Tunnels are up, I have two more pages that just need to be jigsawed together and site usage is increasing. Its looking good. So if you stop by, stay for awhile. Please, I need people to help me advertise, I can't do it alone. If theres more people, it'll be more fun. Thank you!
5.15.13 Well, it's certainly been a while since I've updated. I'm struggling health wise at the moment, so please forgive me. But, good news! There are two new pages, that I hope you'll like. The Alley and the Abandoned Fairgrounds!